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PSI mit Dashboard

The PSI - predictive saving identifier, is the daily tool for advanced procurement activities. The PSI answers questions, that arise daily in the procurement department:

The PSI includes the best state-of-the-art algorithms and choose, thanks to the machine learning function “AAS - automatic algorithm search”, the best method of calculation, automatically. Always equipped with the best in class advanced procurement technology, the PSI makes components in material groups comparable. With "SID - similar item detection", the PSI identifies similar items in realtime. The PSI - predictive saving identifier provides fact-based arguments for negotiations with suppliers, calculate should costs with high accuracy and is easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure (ERP, PLM, PDM) - with our ISP - integrated should costing process.

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Let algorithm decide where to buy! Our new OSC - optimize supplier clustering function supports the strategic procurement in supplier management. Intelligent algorithms divide the articles optimally among your suppliers - based on criteria to be defined specifically. PSI - predictive saving identifier uses data models to determine which suppliers are the right suppliers for specific articles - from a technical and commercial point of view. For existing articles or new components or assemblies. It has never been so easy, to identify the most suitable suppliers for your items!


Would you like to calculate a component or an entire system in a conventional way (Bottom-UP)? The PSI offers a fully integrated Bottom-UP calculation. Transport costs, country-specific personnel costs, energy costs ... the database in the bottom-up area is always up-to-date and reliable. The function "HOV - handover values" allows the transfer of technical values from the Analytics area of the PSI. This significantly shortens the time for bottom-up calculations. Advanced Analytics with integrated bottom-up calculation and 3DCAD integration. Cost management in completion.

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