Machine Learning
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  • You would like to assign articles to product groups fully automatically?
  • Do you want to ensure, that new articles are automatically assigned to the correct product group?
  • Would you like to use your data directly for Advanced Analytics procedures?
  • You need facts for standardization measures in the company?

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Category management is an important function within every company. This essentially includes the correct assignment of articles to categories. However, manually classifying articles is often associated with a lot of work. And if the articles are assigned to the categories... how can you ensure, that future articles are always assigned to the "right" merchandise categories? As specialists in Machine Learning (ML), we offer the perfect solution: The CLASSIfizer. The neural networks of our CLASSifizer ensure, that articles are correctly assigned to the product groups - fully automatically. How does this work? Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of the CLASSifier.