shouldcosting Integration | Data-Driven API

Interacts with your 3D CAD, PDM, ERP and PLM-Systems

What is the use of CAD, PDM, ERP and PLM-Systems, if the information Content of the Systems is not sufficient to answer your daily Questions at the push of a Button? With the DATA-DRIVEN ENGINE from shouldcosting, your Company Data is generated automatically - with perfect interaction with your existing IT-System Landscape.

Integration in CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP

The Data-Driven API ensures a smooth and uncomplicated integration into your system landscape. The API also acts as a link between internal data and external data (e.g. external databases of from CO2e providers). This ensures, that all disciplines in a company got the predictions of the AI - Algorithms in the existing systems - at any time.

Do you have Questions about the Data-Driven API and the Integration in CAD, PDM, ERP and PLM-Systems?