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Identify Savings | with Analytics & CAD²Cleansheet

Digitalization is changing the Rules in the Economy and offers new Opportunities for Procurement. With CAD²Cleansheet and Advanced Analytics procedures for strategic Procurement, we identify Savings Potentials in Product Groups. Fact-based and extremely fast.

Target group: Strategic and operational procurement

Full transparency and fact-based savings potentials

In addition to fact-based Arguments for Renegotiations with Suppliers, Analytics & CAD²Cleansheet offer Opportunities to precisely identify internal cost reduction potentials and fundamentally improve the Cooperation with Product Development. Our Tools for the strategic Procurement, convince by means of the following Advantages:

The Advantages

With our Possibilities we identify Savings Potentials in Product Groups. Fact-based and very efficiently. Based on the Evaluations, we find the logical Price per Component and/or Assembly for the strategic Procurement.

What are the Benefits?

The Results of our Analyses answer Questions, that arise daily in Procurement:

  • Which Components and Assemblies have got cost reduction Potential?
  • Which Prices are justified for new Components and Assemblies?
  • How homogeneously do we buy in the Product Groups?
  • How many similar Components and Assemblies do we purchase?
  • Which Business-Unit buys too expensively?

Detailed Analyses enable exact Should Cost Calculations per Item.

Identify Savings

The Results are perfect for Renegotiations with Suppliers and for Cost Prediction of new Components and Assemblies in the Product Development Department. There are no Restrictions. Neither for high Volumes, complex Components, low Volumes nor customer-specific Systems. Advanced Analytics by shouldcosting delivers fact-based Answers in any case.

What Inputdata is required?

CAD²Cleansheet enables companies to identify savings in a very short time. Each Product Group has got specific Inputdata. Our Data-Mining deliver necessary Inputdata fully automated. Whether sheet metal Parts, milled Parts, turned Parts, plastic Parts, Castings, Cables, PCB's, Drills, Food, entire Assemblies, entire Plants, Services: there are almost no limits.

Who makes use of our Analyses?

Our Customers use the Results of our Analyses, to realize Savings and gain a detailed and in-depth Insight into existing Company Data.

Analysis of purchase quantities and prices.

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