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3D CADminer | The perfect Data in perfect Quality

Less than 8% of company data is used effectively. 92% remain unused. The 3D CADminer brings the change. The 3D CADminer acts as the perfect Data Provider and is part of our Data-Driven Engine. From Data to Knowledge, systematically.

Gives corporate data massively more value

The 3D CADminer create the perfect corporate data with integrated Data-Mining


There are a lot of company data. Often, data is not available in the right form at the right time in the needed quality. The 3D CADminer is able to analyze hundreds of thousands of items in a short time and brings data into a form, which is usable for algorithms. In the DaaS-Mode, the CADminer acts as the perfect Data Provider for all your needs.

Increase the Value of your Company Data

The 3D CADminer substantially increases the Value of your Company Data. As an integrated part of your IT Landscape, the 3D CADminer also works in combination with a PDM, PLM or ERP-System. In combination with our Advanced Analytics Software PSI - predictive saving identifier, Company Data systematically becomes Knowledge.

Systematic Data-Mining and from Data - to Knowledge

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