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DATA-DRIVEN | Top-Down and Bottom-Up in Symbiosis

Bottom-Up or Top-Down calculation? Both methods have their clear advantages. So why decide, when both are possible in symbiosis. Through our partnership with costdata GmbH, the advantages of Top-Down methods merge with solid Bottom-Up calculations.

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Automated cost calculation in symbiosis with Bottom-Up costing

Cost calculation has to do with knowledge advantage. Knowledge advantage over suppliers; knowledge advantage over competitors. With conventional bottom-up calculation methods, it is not possible to achieve a high degree of cost certainty. The number of items to be calculated is simply too high. The required know-how of the cost engineers is also rare and expensive. How can maximum cost certainty be achieved?

100% cost certainty

With automated cost calculation, almost 100% cost certainty is achieved. The majority of articles are calculated fully automatically using data-driven costing. A portion of the article spectrum is still calculated conventionally. With both methods - in symbiosis - an unprecedented cost security and an enormous knowledge advantage is achieved.

Why decide, when both work symbiotically?

The Top-Down approach is excellent for analyzing mass data and a high percentage of items. With the Bottom-Up method, the manufacturing processes of items are reproduced and the manufacturing costs are derived (Cost Breakdown). We believe, that both methods are needed. Because they complement each other ideally. Our customers have the possibility to switch between Top-Down and Bottom-Up costing methods. Why decide ...? With HCC - Hybrid Cost Calculation both worlds are available to our customers - in Symbiosis.

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