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Data Driven Costing | Your company data knows the answer

Making your company data "talk" is an extremely fascinating process. Your data already knows answers to your daily questions. What do you do, to make your data "talk"?

Let your data "speak"!

Your company data already provides answers to business-relevant questions:

  • Is the supplier-price justified?
  • What may new components cost?
  • How many similar Items do we buy differently?
  • Which supplier is the most suitable for our items?
  • How competitively do we purchase?
  • How systematic are the supplier prices?
  • What are the targetcosts for new items?

Our capabilities in the area of Data-Mining, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Costing and Machine Learning bring companies a decisive step forward. Not only in integrated cost management, but also in the strategic and systematic use of corporate data. Shouldcosting GmbH are employees with industry experience, as well as engineers with the competence of business management qualified consultants. With this combination, our project teams have a deep understanding of the concerns of our clients.

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