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DATA-DRIVEN Sales | Automated Profit Optimization

Sales prices are determined based on many factors. But are the sales prices also logical and based on a systematic approach? With Data-Driven Sales we increase the profit margins of your products and bring traceability into the pricing of your products.

Target group: Sales & Project Manager

Increase profit margins with Data-Driven Sales

Product portfolios in companies change constantly. New products, new prices ... all products need a pricing strategy. A pricing strategy refers to various methods companies use to set prices for goods or services. Important factors here are:

  • Market conditions
  • Competitor activities
  • Customer segments
  • Production costs
  • Production and distribution costs
  • ...

Data-Driven Sales increases Traceability and Transparency in Pricing

Choosing the right price for a product enables the profit margin to be maximized. If pricing is also based on logic and systematics, the prediction of prices for new products is done within seconds. Predictive models for sales prices thus significantly optimize pricing. Traceability and transparency in pricing are very important. This enables the "knowledge" about pricing to be stored in data models - and not in the heads of individual employees.

Yield optimization for Spare Parts

In many companies, spare parts account for a considerable share of total sales. Systematic pricing of spare parts is correspondingly important. It is precisely in systematics that there is much potential. Questions arise such as:

  • Which spare parts have potential for higher profits?
  • How systematic are spare parts prices?
  • Which spare parts are strategic for customers?
  • Which spare parts are strategic for our company?
  • Are there bundling effects in the procurement of spare parts?

There is a lot of undiscovered potential in spare parts management. With Data-Driven Sales, these potentials are uncovered within a very short time.

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