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SID - similar item detection | Increase the reuse of components

It is often difficult, not to lose overview in hundreds of thousands of Items. Accordingly, it is not uncommon to find similar components that are procured in similar quantities and purchased to different conditions.

Target group: Strategic and operational procurement | Product development

Algorithms find similarities | within seconds

Fact-based arguments for renegotiations with suppliers are always welcome. The arguments, that our SID Analysis provides, are absolutely "waterproof". However, the similarity of items is subjective. Therefore, the Data-Driven Software PSI - predictive saving identifier offers the perfect setting options to meet all characteristics of similarities.


                                                                             SID-Analyses are suitable e.g. as a basis for pooling in the procurement department

SDD - similar drawing detection | Identify similarities in 2D drawings

Identify similar Items in hundreds of thousands of .pdf files? With "SDD - similar drawing detection", our algorithms even find similar drawings. The evaluation is performed on neutral formats such as .pdf or .tiff files and is highly precise. This enables our customers to analyze even older data - where no 3D models exist. It is easy to identify illogical pricestructures within a very short time.

CostChecker | SID - Similar Item Detection inside the 3D CAD-System

Of course, it is even better to avoid similar components directly in the development departement. Our CostChecker supports engineers in this area with fully integrated SID Analysis.

SID-similar-item-detection in the Software CostChecker

SID-Analyses directly in the 3D CAD System within the Software CostChecker

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